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_sustinvent+ v0.605 RC1 | single window

Run _sustinvent+ v0.605 RC1 | single window


_sustinvent+ is designed as a single window, cross-browser solution and requires:

    ■ Web browser Mozilla Firefox, Pale Moon, Chrome or Opera are supported; Safari and Internet Explorer are not supported
    Java needs to be enabled in the browser
    Flash Adobe Flash Player is required
    Pop-up Windows need to be enabled

      The present release of _sustinvent+ v0.605 RC1 | single window inventories all major the water dam facilities located in Africa, Middle-East and China (> 5'500 data sets). The online version of_sustinvent+ v0.605 RC1 | single window provides the same functionality as the full version. At country level you may explore hydro power facilities located in

      ■ Angola, 
      Iraq, and 

      The full version of _sustinvent+ v0.605 RC1 | single window can be requested by sending an e-mail to: kt75@gmx.ch

      Further information about _sustinvent+ v0.605 RC1 | single window. For further information you may explore:
      Presentation: http://goo.gl/YqmMi
      White paper: http://goo.gl/2ZBYpO


        _sustinvent+ v0.605 RC1 | single window released, includes: complete and corrected water inventories of Africa and Middle-East, in total more than 5'500 data sets comprising comprehensive documentation and including several thousand of online documents.

        _sustinvent+ v0.51 RC1 (single window version) released.

        _sustinvent+ 0.2 RC1 released. Watch the promo video.

        _sustinvent+ 0.1 RC2 released.

        _sustinvent+ 0.1 RC1 released.

        _sustinvent+ has an updated menu bar. to facilitate know-how exchange a google usergroup (sustinvent) has been created (http://kt75-mirror.blogspot.ch/p/sustinvent-group.html).
        _map | interactive renamed to _sustinvent. this free tryout version (corresponds to _map | interactive v0.10c) can be accessed here (just login). this version will be further developed in terms of design and functionality.  _sustinvent+ is the premium version and provides full access to all inventories. contact kt75@gmx.ch to order.
        v0.10c - inventory of 18 major Angolan dams completed (mapping, meta data).
        v0.10b - inventory of 56 major Algerian dams completed. disi aquifer project updated (mapping, meta data).
        v0.10a - inventory of 116 major Chinese dams completed.

        v0.10 - principle map structure completed; includes possibility to zoom in and out of countries and down to regions within countries.

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